Relax and Enjoy the View.

Salty sea breezes are one of the joys of living on Cape Cod. But those ocean breezes coat your windows with an unwanted film, even if your home or business isn’t right on the water. Winter weather, pollen and rain also create a buildup on your exterior windows, and residue from cooking on the interiors. If you own a home on Cape Cod, you want to spend time enjoying the view; not cleaning your windows. And if you own a business on Cape Cod, your windows are the very first thing customers will see. Making a great first impression is important and there’s no better way to draw customers in than by having sparkling clean windows.

Window washing is not a fun task. It’s time consuming and messy. And if your home or business is more than one story high, it can be downright dangerous. Window cleaning is considered to be such an unpleasant chore, there’s even a saying about it; ‘We don’t do windows.’ At Eagleview, we do ‘do windows’…beautifully. When you hire Eagleview to wash your home’s or business’s windows, you can rest assured that when we’re through, you’ll have crystal clear, streak-free windows, both inside and out, and that each screen and sill will be clean and dust free.


One of things we all cherish most about living on Cape Cod – our famous salty sea breezes – can quickly coat a home’s exterior windows with a film which means they require frequent cleaning. If you’d rather spend time enjoying your view instead washing your windows, allow our experienced window cleaning crews to do it for you.

Our team will arrive with the proper equipment to thoroughly clean every window – and door – in your home; inside and outside, and upstairs and downstairs. Screens are carefully removed, as are any removable grids, and gently brushed to remove any dust and pollen. The interior and exterior of each window is cleaned using a specialized solution and squeegee and left crystal clear and streak free. The sill and surrounding trimwork of each window is also carefully cleaned.

Each of Eagleview’s professional window washers is trained in the safe use ladders, and fully insured by our company, so even the windows in the highest peaks of your home will be left sparkling clean. They’re also trained to be respectful of your home and belongings; from the plantings outside your home to the window treatments inside.


If you own a business on Cape Cod, you know how important it is to make a good first impression. Whether it’s a restaurant or hotel, a shop or a professional office, the first thing your potential customers see is your business’s windows. Even if the inside of your business is in good repair and meticulously clean, if the windows are coated with a layer of dirt, your first chance at making a good impression is gone.

Our salty air and busy roads, and everyday pollen and dust, all mean your business’s windows need regular washing to keep them looking their best. And if you own any type of retail establishment, the constant flow of customers in and out of your building means the constant presence of fingerprints. Because of cooking, restaurants, perhaps most of all, need to be diligent about window cleaning. But with such a short tourist season on Cape Cod, do you have the time to keep your windows as clean as you know they should be? Eagleview Window Cleaning offers commercial window washing services throughout Cape Cod and the region. We work on your schedule so that we’ll never interfere with your business. We can come as needed or work on a regularly scheduled program so that you’ll never have to worry about remembering to call us.

A team of fully-insured, professional window cleaners will clean the interior and exterior of every window and door at your business. We use a special solution which is applied with a sponge and removed with a squeegee, leaving everything streak-free and sparkling clean. Every screen is individually cleaned as are the sills and surrounding woodwork of each door and window. We’ll treat your business as if it were our own, protecting any furnishing and plantings as we work.


Eagleview offers professional window cleaning services throughout Cape Cod to both homeowners and business owners. Please our online form to schedule a complementary estimate for your home or commercial property.